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Our marketing courses are specifically designed to help beauty business owners - just like you - amplify their reach, build their brand, and foster enduring client relationships. From solo estheticians to multi-location spa owners, our coursework is curated to equip you with all the marketing tools you need.

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Social Media

In the beauty industry, your online presence is as important as the services you offer. Having a robust social media presence can be the difference between a thriving beauty business and one that's just surviving. We offer a suite of social media courses designed to help you build a powerful and effective online presence.



In the crowded beauty industry, establishing a unique and memorable brand can set you apart from the competition. A strong brand is more than just a catchy name or a stylish logo; it's the heart and soul of your business. W've designed a comprehensive set of branding courses to help you develop a brand that resonates with your target audience and inspires loyalty.


Client Retention

The secret to sustainable success in the beauty industry lies not just in attracting new customers, but in retaining the ones you already have. Loyal customers are the backbone of any thriving business. That's why we've designed a comprehensive course focused solely on client retention strategies for beauty professionals.

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Testimonials from Our Valued Members

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Lisa | Serene Beauty Salon & Spa

Before joining AEO, I was struggling to attract new clients to my spa. The course on local SEO was a game-changer. Now my booking calendar is getting full, and I’ve even hired more staff!

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Keisha | Elysian Beauty Studio

AEO’s branding course helped me revamp my salon’s identity, and the results were immediate. I’m not just an esthetician; I’m a thriving business owner.

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Rebecca | Pixie Esthetics Studio

I was nervous about striking out as a solo esthetician, but AEO gave me the confidence and skills to make it happen. Now I have my own successful studio, all thanks to AEO Growth Academy!