Business Templates

Unlock the next level of success for your beauty business with our exclusive Premium Business Templates. Designed specifically for estheticians, salon owners, and beauty professionals, these templates are more than mere tools – they’re your key to efficiency, engagement, and excellence. Now, you don’t just dream of success; you build it!

50 Social Media Sizzlers (Canva Template)

Strengthen Your Online Presence

From captivating captions to dynamic designs, our ’50 Social Media Canva Sizzlers’ will spark your social media strategy. Tailored for beauty businesses, these templates are your ticket to a vibrant and engaging online presence. Canva account required for access. See below for editing instructions.

Elevate Your Social Media Now

Thank You Glam Cards (Canva Template)

Express Your Gratitude in Style

With ‘Thank You Glam Cards’, let your clients know just how much you appreciate them. These beautifully crafted cards add a touch of elegance and sincerity to your client relationships. Canva account required for access. See below for editing instructions.

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Creative Content Compass

Never Run Out of Ideas Again

Stuck in a creative rut? ‘Creative Content Compass’ is your guide to innovative and effective content ideas, specifically crafted for estheticians and beauty industry professionals.

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Esthetician’s Digital Toolkit

All the Tools You Need in One Place

Discover the essential digital resources you need with the ‘Esthetician’s Digital Toolkit’. From scheduling to customer management, these tools are crafted to streamline your daily operations.

Enhance Your Efficiency Now

The Upsell Elevator Script

Transform Clients into Long-Term Opportunities

Increase your revenue and client satisfaction with the ‘Upsell Elevator Script’. This carefully crafted script is a powerful tool to transform a one-time client into a recurring revenue stream.

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The Skin Scholar Analysis Form

A Professional Approach to Skin Care

Bring science and sophistication to your consultations with ‘The Skin Scholar Analysis Form’. This detailed form helps you provide personalized skin care solutions, ensuring client satisfaction.

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The Booking Blueprint

Streamline Appointments and Cancellations

Take control of your appointments with ‘The Booking Blueprint’. This comprehensive policy template ensures a smooth booking and cancellation process, enhancing client experience and minimizing confusion.

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New Client Navigator Intake Form

A Warm Welcome Starts Here

Set the tone for a positive client relationship with the ‘New Client Navigator Intake Form’. This template captures essential client details, helping you tailor services to individual needs and expectations.

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Instructions to Edit Canva Templates:

  1. Open the Template: Click on the desired template link to open it in Canva.
  2. Access File Menu: Once the template is open, look for the “File” option in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Make a Copy: Click on the “File” option and a dropdown menu will appear. From this menu, select “Make a copy.”
  4. Edit Your Copy: The copied template will open in a new tab. You are now free to edit this copy as you need, without altering the original template.
  5. Save Your Changes: As you make changes, Canva will save them automatically. You can also click on the “Download” button in the upper-right corner if you wish to save a copy to your device.