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We surveyed over 50 of our EstiBoss members and they rated their experience 4.7 out of 5 stars!

Jacquline Ella Skin & Spa

Jacqueline increased her client retention rate by 40% in just six months.

Lana Beauty By Lana

Lana improved her monthly revenue by 33% within three months.

Julia Holy Cosmetology

Julia increased her client base by 50% in less than two months.

Tatiana Tati Lashes Studio

Tatiana boosted her visibility in local online searches by 40% within three months.

Valerie L'amore Beauty & Aesthetics

Valerie increased her 5-star reviews by 25% in 30 days.

Who it's for:

✅Newly licensed estheticians or students wanting to learn business skills.

✅ Independent beauty pros looking to gain new and retain existing clients.

✅ Those seeking skills and knowledge in running their own business.

Who it's not for:

❌ Those unwilling to embrace new business strategies and growth.

❌Estis satisfied with their current employment and do not wish to have their own business.

❌ Not suitable for beauty professionals expecting instant results without effort and time.

Are You Facing These Challenges?

😔Do you wish you knew more about marketing and ways to get your own clients? Many estheticians have the same struggle.

😔 Did your beauty school not teach you much about business? Over 60% of newly graduated estheticians feel the same frustration*

😔 Worried that you might laid off or fired any day and will not be able to support your family? 78% of beauty workers feel the same.*

😔 Do you wish you could make more money for every client you work with? 65% of people in your job feel underpaid.*

😔 Worried your current employer can steal your clients? 6 out of 10 people like you worry about this too.*

“If I had EstiBoss when I graduated beauty school, I would never work for anyone other than myself” – Julia Victoria, LE & Owner of Holy Cosmetology

Imagine a world where...

🥰 You stopped being an employee and became an entrepreneur.

🥰 Your calendar is always booked with clients who love your services.

🥰 Owning your business is fun, freeing up your time to focus on your craft.

🥰 You are a recognized name in your community and people respect you business.

🥰 Your business isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving, allowing you to have the lifestyle and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Why I created the EstiBoss Business Starter Pack

Val Naro | President & Founder

Hi, I'm Val Naro, the Founder of the American Esthetician Organization. My story in the beauty world began in the halls of my mother’s small salon. As a child, I watched my mom, aunt, and sister, all estheticians, pour their hearts into their craft, yet struggle with the business side of things. Their passion inspired me, but their challenges struck a chord.

Fast forward to today, I've navigated the highs and lows of the business world, leading several multi-million-dollar personal care companies from the ground up. But the journey wasn't smooth. I faced obstacles, made more mistakes than I care to admit, and learned hard life lessons. Yet, these experiences carved the path to where I am now – a successful entrepreneur with a heartfelt mission.

I founded the EstiBoss Starter Pack not just as a business venture, but as a personal mission to empower estheticians like you. It's more than a program; it's a place where your dreams are understood and your struggles are shared. I've woven my personal experiences and professional expertise into this program, crafting a roadmap that I wish my family had when they needed it most. I invite you to join this journey, not just for the growth of your business, but for the realization of your dreams. Let's turn your passion into a thriving success story. Together, we grow.

What is EstiBoss Business Starter Pack?

A comprehensive program designed to help beauty entrepreneurs like estheticians, nail technicians, cosmetologists, and salon owners grow their businesses.

Here's what you get...

Jump into our beauty business bootcamp with 8 parts and 50 lessons that are all about doing things! It's perfect if you're on your own or just got your beauty license and want to start your own place. We'll walk you through every step to go from learning to leading your own beauty business. Get ready to be the boss!

Get a full check-up for your Google My Business profile! If you don't have one, don't worry—we'll help you step by step. We'll make sure you're all set up, verified, and ready to collect great reviews. This way, when people search for the "best esthetician near me," they'll find you!

You won't believe it, but you can put your esthetician business on Spafinder for only $2 a month—that's way less than the usual $79! It's a small price for a big chance to get seen and grow your client list. Get ready for more bookings and happy customers!

Every month, you'll get the "Beauty Business Boost" newsletter right in your email! It's full of resources, cool deals, tools, tips, and answers to your questions. It's like having a beauty business coach who sends you secrets to success every month!

Imagine a box filled with over 100 templates just for your beauty business! It's like a treasure chest with every form you need—consent forms, welcome forms, questions, and surveys. With these, you'll look super professional and be all set to shine.

Make your social media shine with 25 dazzling templates! They're made with cool, modern designs that will make your beauty business stand out. Get ready to be the talk of the town and leave your competition wondering how you do it!

This book is like a magic key! It opens doors to more people coming to your beauty shop. With it, you'll learn how to get plenty of clients who live nearby and want to visit you. No more quiet days—get ready for a busy place full of happy customers!

"Join our vibrant Esthetician Business Network on Facebook! Connect, collaborate, and grow with a supportive community of like-minded beauty professionals. It's your space to share insights, seek advice, and be inspired. Unlock your business potential together!

Join Our Tribe of Thriving Beauty Entrepreneurs
Knight & Day Skin Studio
I am an Esthetician in Fullerton, CA and just opened my studio in January of this year. I am a first generation college graduate and business owner who has been so fortunate to work with the community to launch my business.
Mallory K.
Pop-Up Spa
My passion for skincare turned into a self-care obsession so I completed my course and became a licensed esthetician in 2023. But I didn't stop there. Now I'm pursuing my massage therapy license to fulfill a dream I had 30 years ago.
Janice D.
A’Luxxe Aesthetics Spa
A’Luxxe Aesthetics Spa was founded on three main principles: quality products, outstanding service and leading-edge solutions. I am committed to providing my clients with the safest, most effective skin treatments out there.
Amoni F.
Crystal Blue PMU
I started my business back in 2021after graduating from Evergreen. I interviewed for jobs but they just weren't a good fit for me so I said I'm going in to be my own girl boss. My journey is only just begun I have evolved so much in 2 years I'm just getting started !
Crystal M.
Are you ready to become EstiBoss?
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What's included in EstiBoss Business Starter Pack Value
Beauty Business Bootcamp Masterclass $399
Full Google My Business Setup & Audit $395
Exclusive 90% OFF Discount to Spafinder $584
Esthetician's Blueprint for Attracting Local Clients $97
50+ Social Media Sizzler Templates $47
Glambox 100+ Ready-to-Use Business Templates $65
Subscription to "Beauty Business Boost" Newsletter $97
Access to Esthetician Business Network Facebook Group Priceless
Total Value: $1,684

One-time payment: $67

Unlock $1,688 worth of valuable content and gain unrestricted access to everything we offer for only one-time payment of $67 (That's 97% OFF)!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pack includes the Beauty Business Bootcamp Masterclass, Esthetician’s Blueprint for Attracting Local Clients eBook, Glambox 100+ Ready-to-Use Business Templates, 50+ Social Media Sizzler Templates, Full Google My Business Setup & Audit, Exclusive 90% OFF Discount to Spafinder, and a Subscription to the “Beauty Business Boost” Newsletter.

Each component of the pack is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to effectively start and grow your esthetics business. From client acquisition to business management, the pack covers various aspects of running a successful beauty business.

Absolutely! The EstiBoss Business Starter Pack is tailored for both beginners and experienced estheticians. It provides foundational knowledge for newcomers and advanced strategies for those looking to scale their existing business.

Yes, even established business owners can find value in the advanced strategies, templates, and tools offered, helping to refine and expand your business.

Results can vary based on individual effort and application of the strategies. However, many users start seeing improvements in their business operations and client engagement within a few weeks.

You’ll have access to email support, along with community forums where you can connect with other beauty entrepreneurs. Periodic updates and additional resources are also provided.

The Black Friday offer is available for a limited time only. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer soon to ensure you don’t miss out.

Yes, the pack’s content is accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring you can learn and plan on the go.

Engage actively with all the materials, implement the strategies consistently, and participate in the community forums for additional insights and support.

Yes, purchasing the pack grants you access to an exclusive community of beauty entrepreneurs where you can share experiences, seek advice, and network.

Don't Miss Out on Launching the Esthetician Business of Your Dreams!
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