Boost Your Beauty Business Revenue With These Complimentary Services

by Editorial Staff  - October 4, 2022

All Estheticians can provide conventional facials, microdermabrasion, and a variety of other skin treatments. They all know about skincare and how to treat and alleviate skin scarring, acne, swelling, etc. So what makes their service stand out?

Here are a few extra or complimentary services they can provide their valued clients.

Makeup Application:

Estheticians who are trained in makeup application can provide a range of services, from basic makeup application for everyday wear to more complex techniques such as contouring and highlighting for special events. Moreover, they can also conduct training sessions or workshops to teach the clients the basics of skincare or makeup application. Free consultations can also be part of the complimentary services to help you grow your client base.

Beauty Services

Lash and Brow Tinting:

Tinting involves dyeing the lashes or brows to give them a darker, fuller appearance. Eyebrow and lash tiniting is a relatively quick process. However, the results are pretty dramatic. It can be added as a complimentary service with another service to please your clients.

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Estheticians can also offer lash extensions, which involve applying synthetic lashes to the natural lashes to give them a longer, fuller appearance. Lash extensions can be a great option for clients who have sparse or thin lashes, or for those who want a more dramatic look for a special event.

Body Treatments:

These are facial treatments for the whole body. These, too, can be offered as a complimentary service to make the skin all over the body clean, exfoliated, and soft. These treatments can include services such as body wraps, exfoliating scrubs, and massages.

Exfoliating scrubs involve using a product or tool to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and looking more radiant. Massages involve the manipulation of the muscles and tissues to help relax and rejuvenate the body. Estheticians can offer a variety of body treatments, and can also offer specialized treatments for specific concerns such as cellulite reduction or stretch mark improvement.

Ear Candling:

Ear candling is a practice that involves using a long, thin candle to create a vacuum in the ear canal. This is believed to help remove excess wax and other debris from the ear, as well as improve overall ear health.While ear candling is not a traditional service offered by estheticians, it can be a unique offering that attracts clients looking for more alternative or holistic skincare options.

Product sales:

In addition to the services mentioned above, estheticians can also offer a range of products and retail items to their clients. Part of being an esthetician is being a good salesperson. You also need to sell your brand and, at times, products to your clients. You can offer discounted products to your loyal clients.


You can pick out the right products according to the client’s skin condition and type and sell those to the clients yourself.  A few samples may be given as complimentary gifts too on availing other services or as parting gifts. Estheticians can also offer product recommendations to clients based on their specific skin concerns and needs.

So there are many things you can do to go out of the way to please your clients. They can all get regular services at any clinic or resort. Your place should offer some value that keeps them coming for more. From makeup application and lash and brow services to body treatments and ear candling, estheticians have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to expanding their service offerings.

Although these won’t take too much of an effort, but the results will be great. Your clients will love you and ultimately become your loyal customers. Plus, a happy customer is likely to tell others about your services, thus making your business grow.



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