Must-Have Marketing Strategies For Salons & Spas

by Editorial Staff  - October 27, 2023

Are you looking for ways to promote your salon or spa but have no clue where to start? With the beauty and wellness industry growing at a rapid pace,it’s more important than ever to stand out from the competition.

Did you know that referrals and reviews are an essential marketing strategy for salons & spas? In this blog post, we will be providing five must-have marketing strategies that can help take your salon or spa business to the next level.

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From leveraging customer loyalty programs & developing a consistent brand image,to utilizing influencers & review sites; we will give you all the tips needed so you can effectively promote your establishment!

Read on for insight into how these modern marketing tactics can provide long-term success – there is something here for everyone!

Key Takeaways

  1. Salons and spas can leverage existing clients for referrals by offering incentives such as discounts, upgrades or free services to customers who successfully refer someone else.
  2. Salons & spas should utilize review sites to showcase positive customer feedback and rankings which will further boost their online visibility & attract new customers accordingly.
  3. Implementing social media marketing tactics on various platforms helps salons target a larger audience with visuals, promotions, engaging posts/stories while growing the business in the long run!
  4. Seen as an invaluable tool; SMS campaigns are extremely beneficial in sending promotional offers directly to existing & potential clients alongside timely reminders of scheduled appointments etcenabling seamless interactions respective service providers.
  5. Salon and spa loyalty programs are designed to reward regular patrons through exclusive discounts, reward points and other special services encouraging them come back again – increasing satisfaction levels overall !

Strategy 1: Referrals and Reviews

Referrals and Reviews

Network with other businesses in the industry to maximize referral opportunities and increase reviews through review sites.

Utilize existing guests for referrals

Utilize existing guests referrals for salons and spas is a great marketing strategy to grow their business.

Referrals from existing customers can be an effective way of bringing in new clients as people are more likely to trust the recommendations from those they know and admire.

Salons and spas should take advantage of this by incentivizing referrals, such as offering discounts, upgrades, or free services to current customers who successfully refer someone else.

Additionally, they should make use of positive reviews on review sites such as Yelp , TripAdvisor , and Google that feature client testimonials about both the salon/spa experience and results; this will attract potential new customers that may not have heard about your business otherwise.

By utilizing networks with other businesses in the industry, leveraging social media platforms for promotion, implementing SEO strategies for improved online visibility, introducing SMS campaigns and loyalty programs & memberships – salons & spas can amplify their referral program even further.

Networking with other businesses in the industry

Networking with other businesses in the salon industry is a must-have marketing strategy for salons and spas.

By connecting with other businesses, whether they are related to the beauty industry or not, mutual recommendations and partnerships can be created that have the potential to significantly increase visibility and attract more clients.

Working together in joint marketing efforts allows both parties to leverage their networks to reach potential customers that they may not otherwise have access too.

This open line of communication creates an opportunity for collaboration which will boost the confidence that customers have when booking services at said salon or spa; repeat business is then incentivized by loyalty programs and memberships generated through these collaborations.

Networking, therefore, leads to improved customer relationships which helps facilitate trust within continued business interactions between clientele and service provider.

Strategy 2: Generate Online Awareness

Leverage review sites and social media platforms to share positive feedback, as well as implement SEO tactics to boost visibility in search engine rankings.

Utilize review sites to showcase positive feedback

Utilize review sites to showcase positive feedback

Salons and spas need to focus on leveraging review sites to showcase positive ratings if they want to increase online awareness.

Positive customer feedback that is easily visible through prominent review sites not only make potential customers feel more confident in choosing the business, but also acts as a word-of-mouth advertising tool for existing customers.

Moreover, collecting reviews can give businesses real insight into what their clients think about them – boosting customer satisfaction levels an also improving SEO rankings of the salon when they appear alongside relevant searches.

Asking guests for reviews immediately after their visit can further help businesses substantially increase both the quantity and quality of customer testimonials available online.

Through proper utilization of these online methodologies, salons and spas are sure to benefit from increased brand awareness among its target audience and attract new customers alike.

Utilize social media platforms for promotion

Social media platforms can be effective tools for salons and spas to reach potential customers, increase engagement and ultimately grow revenue.

Through social marketing, businesses can showcase product and service offerings with visuals, gain new reviews, run promotions and engage with current customers.

Implement SEO strategies for improved online visibility

SEO is a key digital marketing strategy for beauty salons that can help increase their online visibility and drive more customers to the business.

By implementing effective SEO techniques, salons and spas can rank higher in search engine results which will ultimately lead to increased traffic on their website and social media profiles.

Strategy 3: SMS Campaigns

Utilize SMS marketing to send promotional offers and timely reminders directly to customers.

Utilize SMS marketing to reach clients directly

SMS marketing for salons and spas is an invaluable and powerful tool when it comes to boosting revenue, increasing the number of customers, improving customer satisfaction, and gaining higher online visibility.

By leveraging SMS campaigns, salon or spa owners can send relevant promotions to their existing clients while also messaging new potential ones directly- this ensures that no opportunities are missed out on.

Moreover, text message marketing allows an avenue for direct contact with customers through exclusive promotions which helps build relationships between business owners and their target audience.

Additionally, these specific offers send out by SMS each month help increase loyalty amongst regular users as well as ensuring customer satisfaction is upheld throughout services rendered.

Strategy 4: Loyalty Programs and Memberships

Loyalty Programs and Memberships

Encourage repeat customers with loyalty programs and memberships to benefit from exclusive discounts, rewards,and special services.

Implement loyalty programs and memberships to encourage repeat business

Investing in loyalty programs and memberships for salons and spas can benefit greatly, as these can result in increased customer retention and patronage.

Loyalty programs are designed to reward customers for their continued supporting of a brand, incentivizing them to become repeat patrons by offering rewards and points for their loyalty.

Salon or spa owners who provide patrons with opportunities to earn and redeem points further motivate clients to return on a regular basis.

Furthermore, businesses can generate more positive reviews online by soliciting feedback from customers that have used the services multiple times before.

Additionally, celebrating loyal customers on social media encourages engagement with the business amongst prospective clients- helping increase satisfaction levels.

All of this together leads not only to an improved purchasing experience- but also revenue growth within the salon or spa!

Strategy 5: Influencers


Leverage nano, micro, macro and mega influencers to reach a wider audience and amplify your promotions.

Learn more about how you can create successful salon and spa marketing campaigns by leveraging influencer networks.

Utilize influencers (nano, micro, macro, and mega) to promote the salon or spa

Influencer marketing for salon and spas has become increasingly popular within the beauty industry.

It can be utilized to effectively reach and engage with potential customers in order to promote a salon or spa.

There are four types of influencers that salons or spas can use: nano, micro, macro, and mega.


The beauty and salon industry is highly competitive, which means that salons must create effective strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

By forming creative marketing campaigns and leveraging customer referrals, reviews on review sites, social media platforms, SMS campaigns and loyalty programs as well as influencers, businesses can increase their online awareness and attract more customers to their services.

With efforts directed towards promoting the unique experience they offer customers combined with modern methods such as retargeting ads and scheduling software for booking appointments effectively used, salons can set themselves apart from their competitors while gaining a larger customer base through targeted action plans.

Ultimately, it’s important for beauty salons & spas to prioritize ongoing engagement with loyal customers while expanding resources into new clientele by engaging relevant audiences looking for both high-end style solutions along with an excellent service experience overall .


1. What are some great marketing strategies for salons and spas?

Good marketing strategies for salons and spas include creating targeted campaigns, offering discounts and promotional packages, building online presence with social media platforms, engaging customers with loyalty programs, and optimizing the customer experience.

2. How can I create targeted campaigns to reach my target audience?

You can create targeted campaigns by utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads to identify and capture your desired target audiences. You can also narrow down those participants through user characteristics (age, gender etc) or interests (haircare services).

3. Should I offer discounts or promotional packages to attract more customers?

Yes! Offering discounts or promotional packages is an effective way of attracting new customers while retaining existing ones as it provides them with added value that keeps them interested in returning again for more services.

4. How do I build a strong online presence on social media platforms?

Strong brand presence on social media requires a clear profile description along with regular content updates – this could be anything from hair trends to DIY treatments Coloring tips and many more – specifically tailored towards your niche market coupled with high-quality visuals will boost engagement exponentially.


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