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If you're a struggling esthetician, here's why you might be hitting a roadblock..

Your passion and talent for beauty are essential, but they don't guarantee a full appointment book. Simply depending on word-of-mouth isn't sufficient.


"I can't get consistent local clients."

Your appointment book is a ghost town and you're unsure how to make locals loyal customers.


"I am overwhelmed by so many marketing choices!"

From SEO to social media, the options are endless but your time and budget aren't.


"I don't come up anywhere in local search results!"

No matter what you tried, you're still not showing up in local searches or maps.
"Becoming a licensed esthetician was exciting, but let's be real: they don't teach you how to actually run a business in school. This guide has SO much useful information"

Jacquline Williams | Licensed Esthetician & Owner of Ella Skin & Spa

Inside the Blueprint, You'll Discover:

Explore our eBook to discover transformative techniques for attracting local clients. It's filled with actionable, step-by-step advice you can immediately apply to your business.
Understanding Your Local Market
We start with the fundamentals: identifying your perfect local clients, comprehending their unique needs and preferences, so you can customize your services to attract and keep them successfully.
Building a Strong Online Presence
Discover how to enhance your website, effectively use social media, and excel in local SEO, making your beauty business stand out in the digital world.
Why "Near Me" Searches Matter
Grasp the importance of 'Near Me' searches in attracting customers to your beauty business. We'll guide you on how to climb the ranks in local search results, ensuring potential clients discover you first when they're looking to book.
Google My Business: Your New Best Friend
Maximize the benefits of Google My Business for enhanced local presence. We'll help you optimize your profile, gather reviews, and utilize GMB tools to convert searches into bookings.
Turning First-Time Clients Into Regulars
Uncover effective methods to not only draw in new clients but also retain them. Learn the art of surpassing expectations, establishing loyalty programs, and forging relationships that transform first-time customers into frequent visitors.
Who Am I and Why I Built This?
Hi, I'm Val Naro, President & Founder of the American Esthetician Organization. As a former CEO of a multi-national skincare company with millions of dollars in revenue, I've cracked the code on growing a business to its full potential. Now, I want to help you do the same!
This journey is personal for meβ€”my mom, aunt, and sister are all estheticians. I know the real struggles of finding clients and the impact it has on a business and family. I saw firsthand the late nights, the stress over bills, and the disappointment when efforts fell flat. It's one thing to read about business struggles; it's entirely another to see the people you love experience it.
So let me be your partner in turning those empty slots into booked appointments and transforming financial stress into financial freedom. Because when your business thrives, it's a win for us all. I get it, and I'm here with you every step of the way. You're not alone - together, we grow!
Val Naro | President & Founder

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